Gunnar Brehm and Marion Schrumpf have photographed slides until 2004, and photograph digitally since then.

Our focus are landscape and nature photography. A major issue are montane rainforests (see Science), particularly moths and other insects that live in these threatened habitats. We are also interested in European Lepidoptera. Most photographs on this site have been taken in the Swiss and Italian Alps where relatively many species can be found on a small area.

A couple of years ago we have visited the Falklands where we could take pictures of Rockhopper Penguins, Black-browed Albatrosses and many other interesting species of the southern Atlantic.

We visit the island of Sylt almost every year in order to see birds migration. In remoter parts of the island, besides the hyper-tourism, Sylt offers some spectacular wildlife, particularly the spring migration of tens of thousands of knots and bare tailed godwits before they head off to northern Siberia.

Please contact Gunnar Brehm (info at, if you would like to use his images. All photographs on this website are copyrighted and download is not permitted unless personally allowed.