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Studio macrophotography with daylight LEDs

In 2020, I have developed a light cylinder with support of Daniel Veit (Jena). It is designed for the photography of small objects such as butterflies under perfect light conditions. We are using high quality daylight LEDs reaching maximum scores in colour rendering indices. In particular, violet and red shades are far better detectable than with conventional LEDs or tubes. Illumination is even, smooth and shadowless, and lamps can be regulated continuously. The background is neutral grey and it it reflects over the visible as well as the UV range. Objects can be shifted up and down independently of the camera and scale bar, and the camera only needs to be focussed on the scale bar once. Delivery time and price upon request.

New light cylinder for daylight studio macrophotography.
The daylight LEDs reach maximum values in colour rendering indices.
Objects can be moved independently of the camera and the scale bar.
Background is neutral grey and also reflects in the UV range.
Example photo Haemaphlebiella: Red shades are particularly well shown.
Example photo Lycaena helle with 10 mm scale bar and two reflectance standards.
The equipment can also be used for mulispectral imaging.

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